Basic First Aid Manual - Safety Institute USA
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"Safety Institute USA HEALTH AND SAFETY Professional Responders and Health Care Manual :
Basic First Aid and Response, CPR – AED Cardiac Emergencies, BBP-Disease-Transmittal Prevention, Oxygen Administration

The Safety Institute USA, Inc., is a recognized leader in providing instructional courses in First Aid, CPR, AED, Blood-borne Pathogens, Emergency Triage and Assessment. For over 35 years, Safety Institute USA has taught courses assiting in certification, meeting job-related requirements. OSHA and other regulatory agencies require training to help prevent accidents through knowledge and hands-on training.

The Safety Institute USA courses are affordable and have easy access through a wide range of businesses, individual instructors and markets, including:

Oil Field businesses
Office Store Front Businesses
Commercial and Industrial industries
Transportation Companies
Early Child and day care centers
Educational Institutions  and Universities
State and Federal Government agencies
Hospitals, Public and Private
Dental groups
Chiropractic Clinics
Recreation and Athletic Sport groups
Outdoor and Hunting Groups and organizations
Public companies
OEM and other Public Safety municipalities
Public and Private school systems
Public and private safety organizations

This is the manual used in all of the course and is an incredible reference book.

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Basic First Aid Manual - Safety Institute USA

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