4 Master Nuno Oliveira Books: de Coux-Henriquet-Millham-Russell
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Master Nuno Oliveira left a legacy of thoughtful students who cared about passing on his legacy of great teaching. They were inspired by his genius. In different ways they journal their experiences, organized their thoughts, wrote down quotes verbatim from the master's teachings in the arena first hand.

In many ways, these three books are the organized notebooks and journals of four, serious, professional students. One a Belgian Magistrate, another, a French historian and Olympic coach, an American self-made dressage lady of inspiring proportions, and a down-to-earth Australian teacher/rider/judge.

These books reference each other; they tell tales of the riders in the other books, cross-reference the riders in the other volumes. It is impossible to separate them. Therefore it is natural that they are here offered together as a 'bundle', a happy family as originally conceived over 5 years ago by this publisher.

Add DRESSAGE IN THE FRENCH TRADITION by Dom Diogo de Bragança yet another student of Master Nuno Oliveira's and you will have a wonderful quartet.



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4 Master Nuno Oliveira Books: de Coux-Henriquet-Millham-Russell

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